Eric Kelly Goes To MLB All-Star Game, Makes It Actually Interesting

July 30, 2014 | Amy K. Nelson

There is no shortage of love we have for Eric Kelly, the former boxer who made training the Wall Street 1-percenters a full-time gig at the Church Street Gym.

Kelly is as unique and intense as you can get, and the guys over at Vice Sports casted their new correspondent perfectly for a piece at this year’s MLB All-Star Game. I covered baseball for over 10 years, and went to nearly that many All-Star games. The media access is banal, staid and more often than not, it’s mostly middle-aged white dudes asking the same questions all these athletes have heard before, over and over again.

Kelly is not middle-aged, he’s not white and he definitely doesn’t ask mind-numbing questions. It’s hard to make content coming out of there original — let alone entertaining — especially when you mix in a dude who doesn’t know much about baseball. But Kelly kicks it to the players in a way we hardly ever see. Especially because baseball players, FYI, are pretty boring. Vice gave themselves a shot at making some of them interesting with Kelly on the mic.