Port Authority Claims Ownership of NYC Skyline

July 30, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Port Authority recently sent a cease and desist letter to Manhattan retail store Fishs Eddy over their use of the New York City skyline and tunnels on dishware. The store has been selling these dishes for 13 years, but Port Authority is very concerned about them co-opting what they consider their property. The Wire quoted the cease and desist letter:

[Fishs Eddy is] unfairly reaping a benefit from an association with the Port Authority and the attacks [of Sept 11]” because of their use of said china patterns, claiming they “evoke thoughts of the Port Authority, the twin towers, W.T.C. and the September 11th terrorist attacks.”

“Your use of the Port Authority’s assets on dinnerware and other items is of great concern to the Port Authority.”

The letter also asks Fishs Eddy to “destroy all materials, documents and other items bearing the assets.”

The New York Times said that the store was previously challenged by the owners of the Chrysler Building, who similarly asked them to destroy their merchandise and remove their building from the designs. “We wanted to do a plate that represented New York City. Leaving off the Chrysler Building would be like leaving off the World Trade Center,” store co-owner Julie Gaines said. (Image: Fishs Eddy)