Pit Bull Thrown Off The BQE, Survives

July 31, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

A pit bull was seen falling from the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in Greenpoint Tuesday night. The poor dog was apparently tossed from a moving vehicle by a horrible human being.

“The way he was falling, head over heels down on the pavement, it just made us think we had probably seen a dog being thrown over the barrier,” John Ernsberger told NBC. The pit bull almost landed on his car.

The dog was discovered by two bikers, “crying and struggling to stand.” After being taken to an animal hospital, the pooch was diagnosed with pneumothorax (a collapsed lung) and an injured front leg, but thankfully suffered no broken bones. He may require surgery.

Named “Meeker” for the street where he was rescued, the puppy is expected to survive. Brooklyn’s Veterinary Emergency and Referral Group posted a photo of Meeker on their Facebook page, asking for any information as to who could have done this. (Photo: VERG)