Bids For Screenshot “by Anonymous” Surpass $90,000 On eBay

August 1, 2014 | Marina Galperina

In troll-ceptual eBay art news, a screenshot of 4chan post No. 33181590 has been up for sale on eBay since August 29th. The initial price was set at $500, but with less than eight hours to go, the bidding price has reached $90,100.

The price leaped by $10,000 today alone. Dubbed “A one of a kind work of art by Anonymous,” the lofi screenshot reads:

Art used to be something to cherish

Now literally anything could be art

This post is art

It’s really sad that this — one of the few pieces of digital-born works art is selling for very decent money and isn’t a fucking painting — appears to be an expensive joke, shipping from Brooklyn.

UPDATE: The screenshot has sold for $90,900. There’s now another screenshot up for sale, which is only at $500 as of this posting.