glitChicago Repository Wants Your Glitch Art

August 1, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Today, glitChicago opens at Chicago’s Ukrainian Institute of Art (UIA), featuring 22 glitch artists from around the country.

There has been a renaissance of new media art in the Windy City over the last few years, which hosted the GLI.TC/H in 2010 through 2012. Tonight will include live performances from many of the show’s participants, including A. Bill Miller and Nick Kegeyan, followed by panel discussions on the future of the art medium tomorrow.

glitch8114(Image: Curt Cloninger)

There’s still time to get your own work up at UIA.

In keeping with the open nature of glitch subculture, online manifestations of glitChicago will include a portal through which anyone can contribute glitch art to 0p3nR3p0.net, a repository of glitch art.

0p3nR3p0 is a global repository for artists to upload any art represented by a URL.

(Image: Melissa Baron)
“glitChicago,” Aug 1 – Sept 28, Ukrainian Art Institute, Chicago(Lead image: James Connolly and Kyle Evans, UIA)