Unlike Other Ice Cream Shops, A NYC Dairy Queen Refused To Write “Free Palestine!” On A Personalized Cake

August 1, 2014 | ANIMAL

Cake 1: Carvel
Carvel sales representative said “Sure! No problem.” Cake decorator was concerned piping apparatus wouldn’t be able to pull off decorative bullets, but made valiant attempt.
(Ordered 7/22 picked up 7/23, 261 5th Avenue)

Cake 2: Baskin-Robbins
Another Free Palestine! decorative message approved, but icing writer was also not confident in his/her ability to draw bullets with B and R’s decorative gel.
(Ordered 7/22, picked up 7/24, 606 10th Avenue)

Cake 3: Dairy Queen
“We will not be making that cake,” said the manager of the newly opened 14th Street store. He said it “falls outside our internal policy guidelines.” I asked if we could take the bullet decoration request off and just write “Free Palestine.” He refused. But they did just email us a response, see it below…
(Ordered it 7/22, 54 West 14th Street)

Cake 4: Cold Stone Creamery
Message on cake was doable but, again, concerns over decorative appearance of the bullets due to Cold Stone’s heavy cream icing.
(Ordered it 7/24 was ready 7/25, 253 West 42nd Street)

And that’s what happened.

Dairy Queen response:

Thank you for contacting American Dairy Queen Corporation (ADQ) and
bringing your experience to our attention.

ADQ works with each of its independent franchise operators to ensure that
we are offering our customers the best products and service possible
during every visit, and I am very sorry to learn that you have been

At ADQ, we truly appreciate the feedback we receive from our customers. It
is only because of customers like you, who care enough to contact us, that
ADQ and its independently owned and operated franchises can improve.

I can certainly understand how frustrating it can be when a special
request is not honored or isn’t prepared as requested. Because most Dairy
Queen restaurants are independently owned and operated restaurants,
certain decisions, like how special requests are handled, are made by the
independent franchise owner of each restaurant.

Your comments have been documented and forwarded to the independent
franchise owner of this restaurant for their information and
investigation. Additionally, we have forwarded your concerns to all
appropriate IDQ personnel for their review.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your experience with us.