Hacktivist Leaks Government Malware: Be Your Own NSA,
Hack All The Things!

August 6, 2014 | Peter Yeh

A hacktivist calling himself Phineas Fisher, has hacked into Gamma International, a UK-based spyware company that makes malware for governments, and leaked 40 GB of internal documents including the source code of their premier spy agency tool, FinSpy or FinFisher. The tools’ source has been released on BitTorrent, meaning now you too can be your own NSA and violate someone’s privacy!

Gamma International sell their hacking tools to governments like the US’s, Austria’s, and Germany’s, but also less benevolent governments like Egypt, Bahrain, and Syria. FinSpy has been linked to trojan malware emailed to pro-democracy activists in the US, UK, and Bahrain. Bahrain, a Persian Gulf state, has been involved in a violent and brutal crackdown on Arab Spring protesters.

German digital rights blog Netzpolitik has mirrored the torrent link for the leaked documents and source. Torrent here (Magnet-Link).