NYU To Offer Degrees In Video Game Design

August 6, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Last month, New York State Education Department approved a new degree at NYU‘s Tisch School of the Arts through the NYU Game Center. The school will soon be accepting applicants for a new Bachelor of Fine Arts in Video Game Design.

Game Center will accept 20 students into the program in January 2015 and a freshman class of 40 students in the Fall. According to their website, the program “will bring about well-rounded game designers, developers, critics, and scholars that will shape the future of games.” Frank Lantz, the director of the Game Center, told the New York Times about how he sees the program’s structure:

“If you study history, if you study literature, if you study science and engineering, you’re not just studying for a job in that field, you’re using that as a structuring element to understand everything else,” said Frank Lantz, the director of the Game Center.

The undergraduate degree, he said, would help students understand “the significance of game design as not only a potential career but as a way of thinking about the world.”

The school is planning on hiring eight more professors for the department over the next few years. (Photo: NYU Game Center)