Jewelry That Turns Your Blood Flow, Blinking and Electrical Pulses Into Energy

August 7, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Concept jewelry by industrial designer Naomi Kizhne really pushes the notion of functional ornamental objects. These accessories are actually micro energy cells encased in biopolymer. They “collect” kinetic energy from your body.

There is the Blinker, “an elegant gold shell that cups the arc of our nose” and extracts energy every time you blink. Another, decidedly more intrusive-looking item is the Blood Bridge — a “bracelet” with hypodermic needles that are inserted into the veins of your arm, so that blood flows through it and back into your body. Theoretically, this creates a gold “micro turbine” which generates energy to charge the cell inside. It is secured with clinical glue.

There’s also an E-Pulse Conductor which is poked into your body near the spine. It’s meant to pick up internal electrical pulses. As open-minded as we are to human implant technology, the project and its dreamy promotional video still creeps us out.

(Images via Dezeen)