NYU To Offer Cheap Sex Therapy To The Public, Free For Students

August 7, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

New York University is planning on posting fliers advertising free sex therapy for students in all of their dorms this fall. DNAinfo reports:

“Having problems related to SEX?” the fliers ask in large, bold letters, listing issues including “difficulty reaching orgasm” and “difficulty communicating your sexual needs.” The fliers then refer students to the Program in Human Sexuality at the NYU Langone Medical Center.

John Beckman, an NYU spokesman, says the plan was “still under discussion, as [he understood] it.”

Medical Center co-director Amy Rosenberg feels there’s a strong need for affordable sex therapy programs for youth. “They’re tormented by it,” she told DNAinfo. “It does take a lot for them to get help because there’s so much shame involved in this.” Unlike older patients, young people’s sexual issues involve psychological problems (depression, anxiety) more frequently than physiological ones (low testosterone, etc.)

The program — which is predominantly run  “by fourth-year psychiatry residents who take the class as an elective” under the supervision of doctors — has existed at NYU Lagone for 35 years, but has never targeted the student population in this way. They’re very experienced,” says Rosenberg about the staff. “These are people who are really running things at the hospitals. By the time they’re at this point, they’re just below the attendings.”

For members of the public, sessions cost $50 each, whereas students only pay for a $50 evaluation before receiving free treatment. Even $50 a session is a great deal though, as most sex therapy costs $250-$700 per session and is rarely covered by medical insurance.