Photo Series Shows The Evolution Of Game Controllers

August 8, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Artist Javier Laspiur’s CONTROLLERS series features simple, shallow focus photos of his arms and hands holding video game console controllers from 1983 onward. We also get a decent look into Laspiur’s long sleeve shirt collection. My Modern Met described the composition:

Laspiur creates images that are reminiscent of posters. There’s a picture of the controller in the foreground with its console or games in the background. The photos are placed on a gray background with the manufacturer’s logo underneath and the year that he played it.

It’s amazing that these consoles were even around to be photographed. Laspiur collected an impressive 20 years worth of video game equipment. The big names are there — Nintendo, Sega — but so are systems we’ve never even heard of, like the 1983 Spanish console Teletenis. Take a stroll through your own gaming past in the gallery above. (Photo: Javier Laspiur)