New Card Game Features Famous Artists And Highly Subjective “Influence” Data

August 12, 2014 | Marina Galperina

There are 32 famous artists in the Art Game — a new Top Trumps set of cards, available in September. Cutely illustrated — who doesn’t want Damien Hirst split in two, Divided-style — the playing cards “allow art lovers of all ages to play their favorite artists against each other to discover who rules the art world.” Numerical values are assigned to “influence,” “shock of the new effect,” “versatility,” “top auction price (USD),” “critical reception” and the beautiful factor.”

For example, Banksy only gets a 4 for the “beautiful” factor which makes sense because the art world generally finds street art ugly. Meanwhile Jeff Koons gets a 47, but Damien Hirst gets 66, which is totally unfair because Koons is, if anything, beautiful. I’m calling bullshit. *Takes things too seriously, throws Art Game cards into air.* (Images via Guardian via the Art Game)