82-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Tagging Neighbor’s Fence

August 18, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

A heated backyard dispute between two neighbors in Morningside Heights led to the arrest of an 82-year-old woman for graffiti. After repeatedly accusing her neighbors of building a fence on her land, Sylvia Kordower-Zetlin tagged it with her address.

The owners of the fence happen to be Arlo Devlin-Brown, the recently appointed Public Corruption Unit chief and his wife Daniela Kempf.

“We have a beautiful home and we would enjoy it a lot more if she weren’t making our lives hell,” said Kempf, a professor at Barnard College.

“She takes pictures of us whenever we come outside,” added Kempf, who lives with Devlin-Brown and their children, ages 7 and 5. “She gets on a ladder (and) yells, ‘Bastards! Bastards!’ ”

Kordower-Zetlin believes the fence built by Devlin-Brown and Kempf is entirely on her property. “The fence is on my property — 2 feet onto my property,” she told Daily News. “I had two separate surveys done and they both show that where he put the fence is in my yard. Even the fence man said it was on my yard.”

She was arrested for tagging the fence in June. Her lawyer and son-in-law Jonathan Reiter said she was “completely in the right” to do so. The case will be heard in court on October 15th. (Photo: Facebook)