Morrissey-Themed Monopoly Is The Least Fun Game Ever

August 18, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Here’s a cute Monopoly parody game by @troubledmozza, replete with Morrissey references. Brought to our attention by WFMU, the Morrisseyopoly’s locales include “cemetery” and “the fountain.” You can “START: something you couldn’t finish” and progresses to “FIND A JOB: feel miserable” for an appropriately discouraging experience.

A few days later, the same account posted another “game” based on Smiths references, this one a self-defeating progression through squares that are constantly stalling you or sending you backwards, reading “Hit by a ten-ton truck. BACK TO START” and “Not a stitch to wear. MISS A TURN.” But not all is terrible — if you land on “Hang the DJ,” you can advance two squares!