Internet Discovers 16-Year-Old Ukrainian “Living Doll” Lolita

August 20, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Sixteen-year-old Lolita Richie has never even heard of “racist space alien” Valeria Lukyanova, she claims. Aspiring to internet fame and anatomy-defying “living doll” aesthetics, “I’m the ultimate vamp woman,” the teenager tells the Daily Mail. And so it begins.

Lolita boasts just 40 followers on Russian social network VK page. Her 33-year-old mother, former actress Anya Richi, takes photos of Lolita dressed up in Anya’s old wigs, flowery tops and butterfly pins. And recently, a thong. The photos are posted and commented on regularly.

Unlike her most famous contemporary Valeria Lukyanova aka Amatue, Lolita has yet to say anything bat-shit crazy about the importance of plastic surgery to counteract the effects of race mixing and being from space. Lolita is from Kiev. She’s temporarily living in Turkmenistan. Her profile page is filled with innocuous, appearance-centric babble — “The overweight look older than their age… Looking attractive, younger and sexy is the dream of every woman” — as well as some adolescent sadness and “wisdom” — “Marriage is like a mirage, wonderful from a distance,” “A woman that’s always crying will make a man run away from her, even on a deserted island.”

She’s got a 20-inch waist, a 32F bra size and some “affordable” contact lenses that imbue her look with a special kind of creepy artifice, but like her “normcore,” the stylization seems completely unintentional. She’s working with what she got. It’s all pretty tame and bleak. (Photos: VK)