Activists Hang Palestinian Flag From Manhattan Bridge During Pro-Gaza Protest

August 21, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Last night at around 7pm, protestors marched over the Brooklyn Bridge towards City Hall as a large Palestinian flag reading “Gaza. Boycott Divestment Sanctions” was unfurled from the Manhattan Bridge. The flag was removed by the NYPD approximately 30 minutes later. Reportedly 300 people attended the protest.

Mashable noted that many connected the oppression in Gaza to that in Ferguson, chanting “Ferguson to Palestine, occupation is a crime.”

“In the cases of brutality in Ferguson and in the case of Gaza, what you have is decades of anger from people who feel they are oppressed,” Josmar Trujillo, an activist who spoke at the protest, said. 

Fighting resumed last night in Gaza after the negotiations to extend a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel failed. 

The hanging of the large flag was reminiscent of the white American flags hung recently by two German artists on the Brooklyn Bridge. There were also demonstrations in Lower Manhattan for Ferguson and Michael Brown last night. (Photo: @jeffrae)