Get Paid By NASA To Lie Down For 70 Days

August 21, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

In an attempt to better understand the impact of zero gravity on astronauts, NASA is conducting a study that requires participants to lie in a chair with their head tilted towards the floor for 70 days straight. If that sounds less than appealing consider you will be paid $170 a day for this grueling work. NASA writes:

This study will show how much your body, tilted down slightly with head down and feet up, for 70 days, 24-hours a day, without getting out of bed, except for limited times for specific tests, is like an astronaut’s body during the weightlessness of space flight. Watching you will help scientists learn how an astronaut’s body will change in weightlessness during space flight in the future.

To prevent subjects from losing too much muscle, there will be aerobic exercises, and brief periods of standing. Subjects will complete tasks similar to those that are required of astronauts on an alien planet like disembarking a ship and moving heavy objects. You probably won’t be allowed to get up to go to the bathroom, so that’ll be an authentic simulation of what astronauts go through as well.

Heather Archuletta actually went through the experiment, and told Forbes, “The day I got up, after being in bed for 54 days [the study was cut short by Hurricane Ike], my feet hurt like crazy walking for the first time! But, I reminded myself, this is what astronauts go through, too.” You can apply to participate here(Images: Wikipedia, RelaxingMusic)