Accused Activist Vandals of 577-Foot-Tall Moscow Tower Claim They Were Only Trying To Base Jump

August 25, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Four alleged protest artists are facing criminal charges after climbing a 577-foot-tall, Stalin-era tower in Moscow, after the golden signature Soviet star up top was painted part blue sometime around August 20th at dawn. It was later topped with the Ukrainian flag of matching colors later that the morning. It lasted three hours before being removed.

Yevgeniya Korotkova, Anna Lepyoshkina, Alexander Pogrebov and Alexei Shirokozhukhov are currently under house arrest, charged with vandalism and hooliganism. These charges are similar to Pussy Riot’s, minus the faux-testimonies about them sacrilegiously hate-pissing on a church altar.

The story took a curve-ball when Alexander Pogrebov claimed that they weren’t really doing protest vandalism up there. They were just trying to base jump off the tower. “At the same time someone had coincidentally painted the star and hung the flag,” Pogrebov had said.

Amazingly, the notorious so-called “Mustang Wanted” urban explorer seems to corroborate this statement by posting the photo seen below, but then there’s this other guy too. Everyone knows Russians like to climb shit, but that’s some heavy traffic up there.

(Images Via ArtNet, Politka)