Boston Drivers Are The Worst

August 28, 2014 | Marina Galperina

New York is cracking down on dangerous driving. And yet, we’re not even the worst. Boston is the worst, according to Allstate auto insurance company’s latest annual report ranking America’s largest cities by how safe their drivers are.

Allstate Corp’s spokewoman Kari Mather shames Boston, which came last for cities with population over 1 million:

A Boston driver, on average, will get into a collision every 4.4 years.

In the full report of 200 cities, where Boston ranked 199th because drivers in Worcester, Massachusetts (population 181,000) suck even more. New York City ranked 155th, ahead of Los Angeles which came in at 188th. But even the country’s best drivers of Phoenix, on average get into a collision every 9.5 years. (Image: Citizen Coaching)