“New Nosthetics”

September 2, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Artist Eva Papamargariti‘s new piece New Nosthetics for online exhibition space Channel Normal is many things. A light beige open digital space becomes riddled with dynamic structures, maybe insects, maybe instruments — forms consuming and vomiting bits of each other, breathing, sticking, gyrating — all the while a computerized voice drones on about the rendering process, narrating mutations. My favorite part is when the rainbow-iridescent caviar-bubbles erupt from a mirrored service. Or maybe when the swarm of fruit floats at the marble and shatters into shards. That’s cool too.

Papamargariti writes:

A new digital dazzling kingdom of objects keeps rising. Everything can fit to the neverending fragmented landscape as long as it is reflective, refractive and shiny. The most complex texture activates the perception of a twisted materiality in which the organic element is re-embeded to the artificial language while the overwhelming production of these objects creates an instant immersion to a new ‘virtuality’, composed from distorted abstract morphological schemes. Attention: no sense of scale is necessary at this uncanny n-dimensional field.

Previously, ANIMAL interviewed Eva Papamargariti about her video piece RandomAccessData, influenced by radical utopian groups of the ’60s, post-internet art theory, Isaac Asimov and “minimalist in a rapper’s body” Kanye West. This Saturday, Ways Of Something (2014) Part I and II will debut at Brooklyn’s Transfer Gallery, featuring Papamargariti along with 57 other web-based artists “remixing” BBC’s “Ways Of Seeing” art history documentary, 60 seconds at a time.