AARP’s Website Does “Where Are They Now” On Playboy Bunnies

September 4, 2014 | Amy K. Nelson

The official site for the AARP — formerly the American Association for Retired Persons — is a robust organization, providing myriad information and services to those who are of retirement age. The organization has a website, obviously, but also a magazine. But in what is perhaps my favorite thing ever, the site recently ran a photo gallery feature of women who used to work as Playboy bunnies in various Playboy clubs around the country, which were open from 1960 to 1991. Nine of the former bunnies reflected on their time at the Playboy Club to writer Susanna Speier in a Where Are They Now? feature.

Former bunny Mieko Nakamura told Speier that about 120 of the former bunnies recently gathered in Baltimore for a reunion:

We were unique for that time, and we all came to Playboy at something of a turning point in our lives. We all took different directions but feel the experience helped shape what we are today.

My personal favorite anecdote came from Barbi Holstein, who said Hugh Hefner gifted her an education, paying her tuition in full. Holstein is now retired, living in Orlando, Florida. (Photos: AARP)