Art GIFs For Everybody

September 4, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Exploding children, cute ducks and heaving flesh blobs? Must be a Lorna Mills GIF. Some of ANIMAL’s favorite digital artists are in the “GIF Free For All” online exhibit launched by Computer Art Congress 4 – CAC4 Rio de Janeiro. Here are our favorite ones.

Andrew Benson: We have to agree with Art F City on this one. So great, so Benson. Time is a flat circle… on a floor of a beating, lossyrating landscape, stomped on forever by a ballooning man.

Vince McKelvie: Don’t try to verbalize or IT will bust your head.


Curt Cloninger: We are also fond of math in magick.

Rollin Leonard: Your new stuff is amazing. Sometimes I have feature-length film dreams where all the body horror is replaced with Rollin Leonaestherdtics and it’s really beautiful like when videotapes slide in and out of your stomach and it doesn’t look like it hurts but it comes out dripping in slow motion with goop filled with really stoic really vibrating face bits and then you fall apart into a pile of blocks but it’s cool.