Westboro Baptist Church Geeked Out Over iPhone 6’s New Features, Non-Gayness

September 10, 2014 | Bucky Turco

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church typically hate everything and everyone: “fags,” Joan Rivers (RIP), dead soldiers, bomb victims, the space shuttle Challenger, etc. But when it comes to the iPhone 6, they’re just as guilty of fanboyism as the sinners they condemn. The fringe Christian group is in New York right now preaching God’s love of hate and picketing media outlets, so it seemed like a perfect time to reach out and see what they think of Apple’s latest gadget release. Their new leader Steve Drain explained WBC’s position on the highly talked about smart phone in a brief email to ANIMAL:

The iPhone 6 will allow us to preach to this sinful nation more effectively than the 5s! Bigger screen to see our signs more clearly – like ‘Repent or Perish’ or ‘Fag Marriage Dooms Nations’! More people will mock our using of the phone, citing (incorrectly) a hypocrisy in using a device designed and marketed by a man whose funeral we picketed for his idolatry, then atheism, and adultery (Steve Jobs). Which device do you think our ‘Why Did God Destroy Sodom?’ will display best on? iPhone6, Galaxy 5, or HTC? I bet the preaching will be effective, by God’s hand, as viewed in all of them – don’t you think?