Anti-Koch Light Projectionists Detained Protesting Outside The Met

September 12, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Three activists were detained by police this week outside a party at the Metropolitan Museum celebrating billionaire David H. Koch. The party came after the opening of their new outdoor plaza, a project which Koch donated $65 to help build.  The activists, Kyle Depew, Grayson Earle, and Yates McKee, were detained and ticketed for “illegal advertising” after they used a van to project anti-Koch sentiments such as “The Met: Brought to you by the Tea Party” and “Koch = Climate Chaos” onto the museum. Koch is known for his donations to climate change denying groups. 

The specially-equipped vehicle used for the projections was impounded by the police until November 5th, which will prevent activists from employing if for the upcoming People’s Climate March on the 21st.

“They really should have charged us with ‘bothering a rich person’s dinner party, because that’s what it’s really for,” Earl told Artnet. But the activists are undeterred. “We’re not going to stop. I really hope that we can use this arrest as a platform to remind people who David Koch is, and remind the Met and its followers that it is below them to be associated with this man.” (Photo: Artnet)