These Net Art “Wallpapers” Are Gorgeous

September 15, 2014 | Marina Galperina

The second series of Sara Ludy, Sylvain Sailly and Nicolas Sassoon’s collective project “Wallpapers” has launched today. The individual, artist-created digital patterns display full-screen on their own URLs. They are meant to be viewed online and as gigantic projections at international exhibitions and events:

Wallpapers offline takes form as site-specific installations comprised of large-scale video-projections. These site-specific installations employ wallpapers from the online catalogue and project them in space at a monumental scale, producing environments adjusted to the proportions of the architecture in context.

There are a lot of ANIMAL favorites in this series. Rick Silva is a stand-out. We’ve been fans of his work for a long time, but watching his flower vines creep, bloom and explode is particularly mesmerizing.

Of course, seeing Lorna Mills’ breathing, flapping, stained-glass-windows-on-DMT patterns projected on a building would be excellent.

And behold, Rollin Leonard’s fresh series of bloopy faces.

Also: Brenna Murphy’s (of MSHR) psychedelic chasm that will swallow you whole (and you will like it.)

Each artist contributed several works. See more here. (Lead image: Nicolas Sassoon)