Staten Island High School Cracks Down On Girls Wearing Tank Tops

September 15, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Tottenville High School in Staten Island started their school year by enforcing a new, strict dress code. The decision to implement what the school calls their “Dress For Success” policy was made “at the discretion of the principal,” AP reports.

Tottenville’s district superintendent Aimee Horowitz said that revealing clothes are not allowed because they they “[interfere] with the learning and teaching process.” In the first two weeks of school, 200 students were given detentions, 90% of whom were female.

Chitra Panjabi, a National Organization for Women spokesperson, told Al Jazeera that this and similar policies are harmful to young women. “The schools’ response tells young women that they are completely responsible for men’s behavior, which is an extraordinarily dangerous message,” she said. “Women and girls are regularly blamed for the crimes committed against them.”  (Image: Google Maps)