Listen In: Hot Sugar Made You A Playlist

September 16, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Listen In” is a weekly feature in which we ask musicians to curate a mixtape-length YouTube playlist of songs they’re currently digging. Click the big play button above to hear the whole playlist or scroll down to see and hear individual tracks.

Electronic producer and art troll Nick Koenig, better known as Hot Sugar, has been busy releasing strange, filmic videos and touring off his new mixtape Seductive Nightmares 2. In a break from form, Koenig presented us with a paragraph of commentary for each video on this truly unique playlist. There is really no adequate introduction.

Awsome Funeral That uses Angels for Pall Bearers in New Orleans

“This song is very relaxing and soothing. The graceful men in white drift delicately to the noodling jazz groove, numbing me in the best way possible. When they pick up the coffin the band crescendos and it feels really special.”

7 Year-Old Sings at Grandfather’s Funeral

“This 7 year old has the voice of an angel. She went viral at the age of four after appearing on America’s Got Talent where she captured David Hasselhoff’s heart. In this video she takes the stage at her grandfather’s funeral. (The song starts around 3:11)”

Little brother sings at brother’s funeral

“This is one of my favorite songs. This kid has a powerful voice that can fill up a room and not to mention melts my heart. I also love this song in general.”

10 brothers sing at sisters funeral

“I only have one sibling. I doubt she would want me to do anything at her funeral other than stay away from the coffin. I would play the piano if she wanted me to but I’d be too scared to mess up. This girl has ten brothers and they all sing really well. They joined forces and sang this song for her.”

star maui owner playing harp at funeral

“Star Maui is a limousine service in Maui, Hawaii. As the description states, ‘Star Maui limousine can do more than planning your airport pick up, prom, wedding… we can also play for you musical instruments.’ They demonstrate this with a beautiful harp number outdoors on a windy day.”

Mom playing piano @ dad’s funeral

“I really like the decor and energy in this video. There are a lot of ferns surrounding the baby grand piano giving it a regenerative tone. Halfway through the video a man walks up to Mom and interrupts her but she doesn’t miss a note. This performance is more significant to her than whatever logistical prompt he’s giving her.”

Jessica playing flute at Grandpa’s funeral. “Siciliano, Sonata No.2” Bach

“I think flutes are some of the prettiest instruments and they are severely lacking in modern music. A flute is basically just a better version of whistling. Playing the flute is like blowing in a metal throat that then whistles for you but with a better voice than a human’s. Jessica plays this Bach number really well. She also played the flute at her grandma’s funeral but I like this performance more.”

Steven Wayne Jackson Funeral – Dance Ministry , Keonte Vincson – Encourage Yourself Mime Dance HD

“I don’t know that much about mimes (and am not speaking as an expert on mimes) but will state that this mime is very good. His face is very intense and his face paint matches the coffin which makes it more intimate.”

funeral shenanigans 

“These guys are obviously professionals. They do all types of cool tricks with the coffin. The coolest one is right around 5:23. I would feel really cool if I were in that coffin.”

Amazing Grace

“When you learn a new instrument there are a couple songs that generally go with the first stages of practice. Everyone learns Mary Had A Little Lamb or Hot Crossed Buns on the piano for example. The House of the Rising Sun is one of those songs you pretty much have to learn on your path to learning acoustic guitar (a couple stages before Stairway to Heaven & Under the Bridge).

This police officer knows the chords to The House of the Rising Sun really well and his natural singing voice lends itself to that classic cowboy melody. The point is he’s good at that song but it wouldn’t make sense to sing the tale of an old weathered prostitute at a police officer’s Church-funeral so the officer borrowed the words to Amazing Grace and made it work. He adds a couple effects to both his voice and guitar that really gives the mashup wings.”

Caitlyn singing Amazing Grace at Mimi’s funeral

“Here’s a more traditional version of Amazing Grace. This is the most intimate video of this playlist. Caitlyn stares directly into her dead grandmother’s casket as she delivers an earnest and heartfelt performance. She’s not showboating with her voice or talent. Caitlyn isn’t singing because she wants to be watched, she doesn’t care about the spotlight, she’s singing because she wants her grandmother to bask in the soft whispery innocence of her voice. For two whole minutes she cradles her grandmother with her eyes and sways delicately like a rocking chair ushering a sense of comfort to all those who witness. She is here to remind us that we will all perish in the face of death. There is no escaping it. We’re only here for a brief moment and our competitive instincts distract ourselves every step of the way, but sometimes you just have to relax and let Caitlin’s delicate, unassuming voice carry you to peace. I am deeply saddened by the fact that it ends abruptly mid song, but maybe, thats just because we all do.”