New Trolling BS Study Concludes NY Drivers Aren’t the Rudest In the Country

September 16, 2014 | Amy K. Nelson

In what seems to be a typo but in fact is confirmed through multiple headlines, New York drivers aren’t considered the rudest in the country, according to a new study released this week.

The state with the rudest? Idaho. It’s unclear why, or how but for a place that is smaller in population than Manhattan, the people there must be the worst when they drive. But then you look at who conducted the study — Insure.com — and this is likely their version of clickbait. Someone at Insure.com surveyed 2,000 people and concluded that the drivers in Idaho are either very slow or in such a rush that the slow ones cause them to “speed around them and flip them off.”

This has deemed the state’s drivers the rudest, but its unclear what exactly determines “rude,” or how Insure.com determined these results, only saying this:

Call it brusque, boorish or downright barbaric. Whatever you call it, weaving in and out of traffic, laying on the horn and saluting with an upright digit is universally regarded as rude.


Anyway, here are the top 10 rudest states to drive in, according to a website looking to bait you with its great insurance rates:

1. Idaho
2. Washington D.C.
3. New York
4. Wyoming
5. Massachusetts
6. Vermont
7. Delaware
8. New Jersey
9. Nevada
10. Utah

I wonder what the people of Idaho — or Insure.com — would do if they had to face this nightmare every day? (Photo: Bucky Turco/ANIMALNewYork)