A Million New Yorkers Smoke, “Part-Time Smokers” Are A Thing

September 16, 2014 | Marina Galperina

According to the latest report by the New York City Department of Health, 16% of New Yorkers were smoking in 2013, compared to 14% in 2010. The national average is 18%, yet smoking rates across the country continue to fall.

The AP mention several possible reasons for the spike. Under Bloomberg, the city pioneered repressive anti-smoking measures in public spaces like bars and restaurants, inspiring the rest of the country to also stop being gross. But with the economy lagging, city budget cutbacks curbed spending on anti-smoking television ads and public cessation programs over the last six years. Currently, more than one million people in the city are buying the country’s most taxed packs of cigarettes.

A particular trend is on the rise — “part-time smokers” who only smoke “socially.” There are also those that smoke, but not everyday. Isn’t that crazy? How are you going to call yourself a “smoker” if you’re not jonesing for your first morning cigarette? What the hell, right?!…

In other news, psychedelic mushrooms in combination with cognitive therapy is probably our best chance to quit this shit. (Photo: @instantvantage)