These Maya Rendered Landscapes Look Like Psychedelic 3D Maps

September 17, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Lee Griggs creates mesmerizing 3D landscapes, reminiscent of a coral reef or psychedelic relief map. Each topography is made up of thousands of individual cones, cylinders or cubes. The final images of these color experiments are rendered in Maya. The artist explains:

I basically use a texture map to ‘drive’ the length and color of an XGen primitive. These primitives can range from spheres, splines or as in most of the examples below, cube geometry that has been exported as an archive. I then use expressions with XGen in Maya to modify the length, size and orientation of the archives. Finally, I use the Arnold software renderer to create the final image. Arnold is able to realistically render millions of these pieces of geometry very quickly at high resolutions without any problem.

To find out more about his process and see some tutorials, check out Griggs’ blog. (Images: Lee Griggs)