Mass Arcadia: New Video Art From Miles Pflanz, Only On Pornhub

September 17, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Inspired by researching artificial islands, SABE KST’s conceptual vandalism, paintings of Arcadia, and the work of Gordon Marta Clark, Jack Smith and Anais Nin, this is Mass Arcadia, a new video by artist Miles Pflanz (embedded below, NSFW).

Tired of his work being yanked off YouTube and not down with paying Vimeo HD-conversion fees, Pflanz put up his latest video where faux utopians spray painting each other’s junk wouldn’t offend anyone — Pornhub!

Pflanz says that Arcadia is an imagining of “humanity in erotic, playful harmony with nature. But really, we must alter our environment for aesthetic as much as survival reasons.” The piece is delightfully rabid, noisy and, somehow, very classical.

Since being uploaded this morning, it went down to suddenly “convert” for a bit, but a few minutes ago Pornhub “approved” it, proving that sometimes these dirty alcoves of the internet can be nifty for art.

Miles Pflanz and Kate Levitt’s Pig Movie written by the prisoners of the Lincoln Correction Facility will screen at the SCHMARTWORLD month-long performance program at Vox Populi Gallery in Philadelphia on September 26th. (Acting credits: Madeleine Moriarty, R V L, N.B., S.B., O.A., Zoe Warlaw; GIF made via Pornhub’s GIF generator)