Holly Herndon’s New Video Takes On Surveillance Culture

September 18, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Electronic artist Holly Herndon is continually breaking new ground, both musically and through her innovative, jarring videos. For her new track “Home,” perhaps her catchiest song to date, she stares blankly towards the camera, mouthing the words that appear in a black box in the lower right corner.

The anti-surveillance sentiment of the video, which was made with help from mthvn, is expressed through an avalanche of falling logos of surveillance organizations, which cascade through the frame, threatening to obscure Herndon entirely. The song’s vocal repetition slowly reveals the meaning: “I know you know me better than I know me,” she sings in fragmented bursts. Other musicians have made surveillance a theme in their work, but few do it as studiously as Herndon. (GIF: Prosthetic Knowledge)