Kanye West Told Seth Rogen “Bound 2” Video Was Bad, But On Purpose

September 22, 2014 | Marina Galperina

It’s been a while since we’ve had a reason to talk about “Bound 2” — that Nick Knight-directed video opus, complete with Kanye West dry-humping a dead-faced Kardashian on a KTM bike as it speeds by a very fake desert sunset backdrop. But Seth Rogen is still talking about it, like in this Jimmy Fallon “Tales From Set” online segment.

Last year, Seth Rogen and James Franco produced a bro-mantic, shot-by-shot remake of the video, which they almost reenacted at Kim and Ye’s wedding. Rogen says that West really liked the remake, telling him, “Man, you guys spent more time working on it than we did!” Rogen also says that West told him that the original was “supposed to be bad, that it was bad for the purpose of being bad.”

This proves our initial theory that “Bound 2” was far from an unintentional fail but an intricate visualization of the contrived, staged nature of Kim and Ye’s celebrelationship.

Have a think and enjoy our side-by-side edit one more time.