Stolen Motorized Scooter On A Spring Makes A Great Horsey Ride

September 23, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Rodeo (2014) is a new installation by French duo Les Frères Ripoulain. Comprised of a “stolen scooter, spring, metal pedestal, welding, sand,” it is located in Besançon, France. It appears to take a lot of physical force to operate, but vroom-vroom. It’s actually kind of perfect — a physical representation of childhood impulses, fermented into a small act of creative rebellion. And crime. Vroom!

Les Frères Ripoulain’s David Renault and Mathieu Tremblin have been working together since 2006, “in fallow areas of the city and develop urban actions focus on notions like counterfeiting, neglect and degradation, autonomous and spontaneous expression, cryptic language and civil disobedience.”

Previously, they turned some iron beams, trash cans and toilets into a mobile-style installation suspended from a construction crane and went “rail-rafting” — riding down railways on a DYI structure.