Wizardchan Is A Place For Male Virgins Over 30 To Make Fun Of Themselves

September 24, 2014 | Rhett Jones

In an interview with the Guardian about the deep web, the Canadian essayist and artist Jon Rafman talks about his favorite find from the depths of the internet. “Wizardchan is an online community of male virgins over the age of 30. It is a community of supportive self-deprecation and self-loathing with a very internet sense of humour. They are often trying to one up each other in levels of patheticness and a lot of the time discourage any attempts at becoming ‘normies.’”

The about section of Wizardchan’s homepage explains that the name comes from a popular internet meme that makes fun of virgins. First coined by the Futaba Channel, the 30 year old Virgin Wizard Meme is an internet myth/joke that says if you maintain your virginity until the age of 30 you attain magical powers.

Divided into six sections with titles like Hobbies and Virgin9000 (depression), Wizardchan intentionally looks a lot like 4chan. The real surprise is that it’s not nearly as dark as 4chan and in fact is exactly what it advertises itself as: a support group. That’s not to say that they don’t refer to each other as cocksucker a lot it just has a much different tone.

Here’s a poster in the Hobby section,

“Can /hob/ rec me some shit that will not make my hair greasy 12 hours after taking a shower?”

The first reply isn’t all that helpful but it tries to turn lemons into lemonade,

“Since I have never had a girl near my hair I ALWAYS use to play the snowing game, and still do. It’s wonderful.”

That sort of self-deprecation is all over the site.

Rafman’s view of it is pretty epic, “I see this image of the basement-dwelling wizard who rejects societal conventions to such an extreme degree as one of the tragic heroes of our times.”

There’s no way to know if everyone on the board is really a virgin over 30, but it’s good to know the 4chan guys have a place to go that’s just a little nicer and they all can talk it out. (Photo: Funny Junk)