17-Year-Old’s Photos Atop NYC’s Tallest Residential Building Are Next Level

September 25, 2014 | Amy K. Nelson

Urban exploring photographers are nothing new. Just go to Instagram and there are plenty who post their exploits atop some of the world’s largest buildings and structures.

So it takes something pretty unique to stand out, and Instgram user Demidism’s recent photos atop 432 Park Avenue are stunning. It seems Demidism is Demid Lebedev, who says he’s from Queens on his Twitter profile and who describes himself as a 17-year-old “urban historian.” His photos posted on Tuesday were shot from New York City’s tallest residential building (and tallest in the U.S.) on what looks like an amazingly foggy night.

That means he was suspended somewhere around 1,397 feet, the height of the building.


There really isn’t much else to say, other than we reached out to Demidism to see if he’s really 17, how the hell he did this and whether his parents know.

UPDATE: Demidism got back to us via email, and, not surprisingly — given the covert nature of what he does — he didn’t have much to add.

The only thing I’ll give you is that I’m 17. But no comment to everything else. Hope you’ll understand.

(Photos: Demidism Instagram)