Videos of the Youth Trolling NYPD Posted Online

September 25, 2014 | Bucky Turco

Like generations before them, young people don’t respect authority. Two videos recently posted online show just how much disdain some hardened millennials have for the NYPD.

Run Forrest, run…
In this first video, we see a person on a bike riding away from a police officer who’s running after him. It was posted on the same Instagram account that put up clips of daredevil cyclists riding insanely through NYC traffic. “Run Forrest run,” says the cyclists mockingly as he films his own getaway. And he doesn’t just speed off. You can hear him actively pressing his squeaky brakes so he remains only a few feet ahead of his pursuer.

I’m gonna fuck your bitch…
It’s not clear what set off the confrontation between police and teens in this second video, but clearly the latter are very upset and can be heard taunting the officers. The young man filming the encounter, who is also the one running his mouth the most, comes dangerously close to outright threatening the officer, which he is warned about. So instead, the teen starts saying, “I’m gonna fuck your bitch,” among other things. According to the Daily News‘ anonymous police sources, NYPD officers are all of a sudden “apprehensive” and “afraid” to make busts which sounds extremely bullshitty. After all, this is the same police force which caused a near riot in Sunset Park and then slammed a pregnant woman down on the ground in a short span of time while still in the limelight from previous infractions.