Your Dog Doesn’t Need To Pee On Garbage Bags

September 26, 2014 | Rhett Jones

Whatever career/job/income-generating hobby you have, it’s probably fair to say it would be harder if you had to wade through dog piss to do it. So why do some people think it’s ok to let their dog piss on the trash? After all, it’s someone’s job to pick that trash up and take it to its final destination.

According to Section 161.03 of the city’s health code pet owners are forbidden to let their animals “commit a nuisance on a sidewalk of any public place.” Officially, “nuisances” include urine. As usual, the New York Times was able to find the worst examples of humanity in New York, interviewing many overprivileged dog owners who just couldn’t care less.

“The dogs will go where they go,” dog owner Hector Saez says told the Times in Park SlopeSaez seems to forget that by that logic the dog should be allowed to urinate all over his owner’s pillow simply because that’s where the dog wanted to go.

In the end, there was the real estate broker who thinks his dog’s piss is “part of our urban environment.”

Guess what else is part of our urban environment? Vomithomelessnessmuggingsovercrowded subways and insane rent increases perpetuated by insufferable real estate brokers who live in Park Slope. (Photo: @cluefree)