Three First Responders Die From 9/11-Related Illnesses On The Same Day

September 26, 2014 | Rhett Jones

Three NYFD veterans died of cancer on the same day this week. Daniel Heglund, Robert Leaver and Lt. Howard Bischoff each succumbed to bone cancer, leukemia and colon cancer respectively.

They join a list of 92 first responders who have died from conditions sustained from their exposure to toxins on 9/11. There are also 67,000 people currently on federal programs whose illnesses have certified ties to the tragic incident.

Last week, lawmakers introduced a measure to extend the Zadroga Act, a law requiring the government to cover the medical expenses of 9/11 rescue workers. If that measure doesn’t pass, the act is set to expire in two years.

It seems like common sense to recognize the relationship between terminal illness and running into a flaming site that was a “cocktail of chemicals.” However, just last month, the 9/11 Museum was rightfully chastised for their wall inscriptions which cast doubt on this link. On September 5th, the controversial museum elected to remove the language after outcry from activists. (Photo: @newyorkdistrict-usace)