An Inside Look At The “People Of Times Square”

September 29, 2014 | Rhett Jones

Hating Times Square is easy. Idiot tourists bumping into you from every direction, blinding advertisements that people consider a form of entertainment for some reason and every artery-clogging chain restaurant imaginable can all be found in this special nook of Satan’s butthole.

Michael Tapp’s short video above is a little surprising. He focuses mostly on the New Yorkers working in Times Square and the way that it’s just another place to make a living — no hate, just a factory where you punch your time card. As one of them puts it, “I don’t know what there really is for people here… not to deserve this kind of attention.”

It’s a nicely shot piece that provides a cutesy, Humans Of New York-style glimpse at the brave soldiers keeping all the tourists corralled in one place, wandering around, mumbling to themselves, “I could never live in New York, I could never live in New York.” (Photo: Michael Tapp)