NYC Photo Balloon “Panic” Isn’t Real

September 29, 2014 | Rhett Jones

A photography balloon floated over the South Street Seaport this morning and according to the New York Postit caused fears of a terror attack.

The balloon turned out to be nothing more than a city contractor’s tool for surveying a future development near the old Fulton Fish Market.

While the Post says that “sources” reported “fear that it was part of some kind of bizarre terror plot,” they only quote one witness. “It really freaked out our upstairs neighbor,” said Dustin Marks, who works at a South Street bike shop, adding that “her first thought was ISIS.”

Searching for “New York Balloon” on Twitter only brings up the Post’s article. It seems that the “panic” is ensuing mainly within the tabloid. (Photo: @Stu_Art_Hanna)