Pamela Geller Pulls Hateful Anti-Islam MTA Ads Featuring James Foley

September 29, 2014 | Rhett Jones

Blogger and well-bankrolled racist Pamela Geller has decided to pull her latest hate-mongering anti-Islam MTA ads featuring journalist James Foley moments before he was beheaded.

The $100,000 campaign was set to be launched this morning in New York and San Francisco. The ads feature a photo of a man suspected to be Foley’s executioner rapping into a microphone side-by-side the now infamous photo of a masked man standing behind the journalist. Above the two photos are the words: “Yesterday’s moderate is today’s headline.” Geller doesn’t seem to care that the rapper is not Foley’s executioner.

Foley’s family pleaded with Geller not to run the ads because they found them  “bigoted and slanderous to law-abiding Muslims.”

Geller responded to the family through her attorney. Her statement says that she lost family in the Holocaust and that she has friends in Israel so she “understands and feels intimately the pain your clients are suffering.” It continues: “For this reason, and this reason alone, (Geller has) reached out as early as this morning to the New York and San Francisco transit authorities… to pull the displays.”

Got that? She can understand pain because Nazis, so she reached out hours before the ads were scheduled to run to stop them. Geller’s council acknowledges that “some of the Foley ads might still appear in public, given the last-minute decision.” It’s win-win for Geller — no lawsuit for emotional distress and she gets the ads up, having acted too late to stop them. (Image: American Freedom Defense Initiative)