This Art Is Made From Wholesale Ecstasy Pills

September 30, 2014 | Marina Galperina

The artist who calls himself Chemical X is exhibiting two new panels which he says are made of 10,000 dyed ecstasy tablets. The stained glass motif shows happy smiling faces, doves and rainbows, all in theme with the vintage-styled inscription “MDMA.” The artist, who has once designed the logo for Ministry Of Sound, is trying to keep a low-profile as to not get the “authorities” involved. However, he did give an interview Dazed:

We buy in the ’ingredients’ wholesale and make the pills in house at a secret location. We have two pill presses, one to get the colours right in blanks, then we transfer the colour recipe over to the other press hidden away so that if the studio is raided there is no ‘contamination’. We have a large selection of old school embossing tools.

The work is up at the ARK in the Bear Cub Gallery through October 2nd, in London.

(Photos: Chemical X)