“Social Reich”

October 3, 2014 | Marina Galperina

This installation by Fra.Biancoshock in an exhibition at Norway’s Nuart street art festival is very timely, because Facebook is a fascist state. If that’s too blunt for you, the New Yorker just published a related item:

Facebook has become a dream space of judgment—a place where people you may know only in the most casual way suddenly reveal themselves to be players in a pervasive system of discipline.

Egocentric, Fra.Biancoshock’s outdoor installation for Nuart is similarly direct. (It’s not about Ello but it could be.)

Egocentric (2014), Fra.Biancoshock, Nuart Festival, Stavager

The artist claims to have given birth to “Ephemeralism” (it “has the purpose of producing works of art that have to exist briefly in space but limitlessly in time” through documentation) which seems like a fairly standard term that could be applied to all street intervention work. But his in particular is pretty clever and pure.

It’s probably the only time I’ve ever thought, that’s a sleek pun…

Hardcore (2014), Fra.Biancoshock, Milan

…and practical graffiti art.

Spy Can (2014), Fra.Biancoshock, Milan

“Nuart Exhibition,”
Various Artists, Sep 7 – Oct 12, Beerhalls, Tou Scene. Kvitsøygate 25 Stavanger Norway (Images: fra-biancoshock)