Inside The Ridiculous Putin Fan Art “Gallery Exhibit”

October 7, 2014 | Marina Galperina

As Russia’s Putin-lovers collectively wet themselves in glee over the president’s birthday, this particular thing stands out. Behold this “art exhibit” by Moscow politics student Mikhail Antonov who admins Putin’s Facebook appreciation page filled with user-submitted fan art and memes.

“Here you can see how mythological events of ancient Greece can be applied to events in contemporary Russia,” he says in the video while standing in a small, paint-splattered room with “art” tacked onto the walls. Now check out some propagandish wanking of mythological proportions. There’s Putin as Hercules vanquishing various evils. There is Putin as Atlas holing up the world. There is one of him fighting the ancient serpent beast Lernaean Hydra which is actually EU, Japan and Canada breathing the flame of sanctions on our warrior, who is brave and scantily clad in period wear bunched up diaper-like to seemingly allow roomy room for his warrior-sized balls. Note that the USA head has been removed.

(Photo: Vasily Maximov/AFP/Getty Images via New York Magazine)

And of course, the vanquishing of the Nemean Lion by the beard. It is a metaphor. The metaphor written on his trucker hat.

(Photo: Vasily Maximov/AFP/Getty Images via New York Magazine)

Other themes include the Erymanthian Boar-like-esque-ish “Liquidation of the oligarchs” and this…

(Image via New York Magazine)

…annexation of Crimea, which critics might call an invasion, but these guys see it as capturing of the Pasiphaë-fucking Minatour-spawning Cretan Bull. And don’t forget something about the Olympics.

Let’s review. Arting Putin as a lady in underwear — not cool. This shit — awesome!