How To Watch The “Impossible” Lunar Eclipse Tomorrow Morning

October 7, 2014 | Rhett Jones

With a crazy lunar eclipse and a blood moon scheduled to hit tomorrow morning at dawn, New York City is one of the worst places to be. If your view isn’t obscured by the towering skyscrapers or the bright lights, the clouds and rain should make it pretty difficult to see.

Tomorrow’s eclipse is called “impossible” because you will actually get to see the sun rise and the moon set simultaneously — known as a selenelion — for a brief moment. That shouldn’t be possible because an eclipse occurs when the sun and moon are both 180 degrees apart on Earth’s sky, but the Earth’s atmosphere bends light at a certain angle near the horizon, so this will be a rare opportunity to break the laws of physics.

If you want to watch it live at 6:55am, you’ll unfortunately have to do it in front of the same screen that you’re reading this article on. Live streams are available at Slooh and NASA‘s websites. It isn’t the same as the great outdoors, but it should still be a hell of a view. (Photo: Twitter)