Classic East Village Storefronts Recreated On A Rooftop

October 10, 2014 | Rhett Jones

Just in time for the CBGB Festival‘s zombie walk through various NYC music venues, you can pretend the iconic club never closed by checking out a re-creation on an East Village rooftop, tonight.

James and Karla Murray specialize in documenting the ever-changing landscape of New York. Now they’ve temporarily installed convincing remakes of three iconic East Village storefronts on the roof of Housing Works. CBGB, Love Saves the Day, and Stage have all been given the nostalgia treatment so you can hang out tonight and pretend it’s the old days while overlooking the current WTC1-style city-scape.

The whole project is part of the East Village Community Coalition‘s 10th anniversary celebration. You can purchase tickets here. The profits will go towards keeping the East Village from becoming just another Red Lobster/Dunkin Donuts filled corner of suburban Americana. (Photo: James and Karla Murray)