Smoking Weed Just Got Really Weird With These Handblown Dab Masks

October 10, 2014 | Bucky Turco

Behold the “Mask of Moldauthein.” First spotted by Weedist, this frightening-looking facial apparatus is actually a pipe that can be worn and smoked out of at the same time, because of course it can.

Crafted by advanced glassblowing artisan Etai Rahmil, the fully functional mask was specifically designed for the dabs, a highly concentrated weed byproduct that’s very popular amongst pot enthusiasts. This $6500 unit comes with a LED light stand, a 2-hole perc through the nose, and is adorned with over an ounce of moldavite, which I assume is a huge selling point for the moldavite-seeking set.

The masks are available in a variety of styles, inlcuding a Satanic version, cause clearly the Moldauthein and other models don’t look evil enough on their own.