Banksy Mural Dicked

October 13, 2014 | Rhett Jones

A “vandal” has stepped in and taken artistic liberty with one of Banksy’s latest works and it’s kinda clever in a sophomoric sort of way.

Local police in Kent, England say — without irony — that they are looking for the person who illegally drew a big penis on Banksy’s illegal piece, which originally depicted a woman staring at an empty plinth (where a work of art would normally be displayed). With the alteration, she appeared to be gazing at a big dick. But not for long.

Officials quickly went and cleaned up the mural which luckily for Banksy fans, had already been encased in plexiglass, so only the clear protective barrier was damaged, not the actual piece on the wall.

Last month in the United States, a California man was convicted of defacing a Banksy in Park City, Utah and was orderd to pay thousands of dollars or face jail time. If the same rules applied in the UK, a certain seaside municipality might have found itself facing similar punishment.

(Photo: Pohutukawa, Banksy)