Graffiti Complaints Skyrocket In Woodside

October 15, 2014 | Rhett Jones

Woodside, Queens graffiti complaints have soared 120% in just one year. The 11377 zip-code received 211 reports this year — that’s up from 96 in a comparable period last year.

Joe Conley, chair of Community Board 2, tells DNAinfo that he’s noticed an increase in graffiti throughout his whole district, particularly in those hard to reach places. “Some of these graffiti artist should be in high-wire acts,” he says appreciatively.

David Rosasco works with a local association that does volunteer graffiti clean-up and he seems to think it’s just a matter of citizens being more accustomed to calling up 311 to snitch on every new piece they see. “People are much more aware and very aggressive about it,” he said.

Or maybe Queens-based graffiti writers just miss 5 Pointz and need a new place to paint. (Photo: @vogelium)